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Strip Lashes

You can't go wrong with the classic strip lash. We offer various shapes and sizes to fit your style and mood.

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Magnetic Lashes

Super tiny magnets in the strip of these lashes will adhere to our perfectly blended magnetic mascara. Science!

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The right Tool for the job

True Lash - New Name, Same Awesomeness

True Lash began on a wish and a dream as a small home business located in beautiful San Diego, CA. Starting a business in March of 2020 was a bit of a gamble, but it turns out that lashes bring happiness to people during a global pandemic! Since then, we've been bringing you more lash styles and other products to help you feel true to yourself. We love and appreciate our customers, and we will continue to strive to bring you the best lashes in the game, and over-the-top customer service!

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